Sunday, January 2, 2011

50 LBS Thinner

    I have  recently  been asked by a few friends how I losted 50 lbs since  05/10.  Those 50 lbs weren't as difficult to lose as I thought they would be. I changed things in my life,  starting with working a part-time job that keeps me physically active.
      I work a full-time job from about 8AM to 5PM but it is mostly a a desk job and very little physical activity is required.  I now work about 15 additional hours at a large chain retail store in the misses clothing dept.  This area is a high traffic area with plenty t do.  I am usually exausted when I work an 8 hour day.  The job requires me to be on my feet the entire time and constant movement.  When I took this job, I decided I would not eat after my work shift if it was in the evening hours.So in a nut shell, keep your body moving and change your daily routine and don't eat late at night.
     I do have to admit, I am now having a difficult time losing anymore weight and it is probably because my body is used to the extra activities from my part-time job, so this means I need to change things up again.  I have now added more exercising when I have free time.  I thought about joining a gym but who has time or extra money and I know myself, I would be serious for a few months but then lose interest and find excuses not to go.  I have started doing a Dance program on the Wii system with a friend.  This has been working great because I have a work out buddy and we keep encouraging each other.
    What has been working for you?  I would love to hear from you?   

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