Friday, December 31, 2010

Vitamin D3 Assists in Weightloss

     I have been researching vitamin suppliments that my Nurse Practitioner had suggest I take to assist me in boosting my weightloss.  This post is going to focus on what I have learned about vitamin D and the rule it plays in assisting weighloss. It is unanamous from everything I read that overwieght people have better success in losing weight when their vitamin D levels are increased.  Reasearch in weightloss studies are not sure if Vitamin D deficieincy causes obesity or if obesity causes Vitamin D deficiency.  It is obvious that there is a clear connection between the two.    
     Vitamin D in conjunction with calcuim and sunlight, helps to property assimilate food and regulate normal blood sugar levels.  When there is a lack of calcuim, often because of a Vitamin D difficeincy, the body incresed production of synthase, a fatty acid enzyme that coverts calories into fat.  Sunlight intiates the production of Vitamen D3 naturally in the body.  If sunlight is not available then  supplements are required.  Vitamin D3 is a biological active form of vitamin D.
     The recommended amount of Vitamin D3 supplements is 200 IU daily.  My nurse practitioner suggested 400 IU s i have elected to take her advise and stick with 400 IU.  I picked up a bottle of Vitamin D# at Dollar General for about $5.00.  I figured what the heck, what do I have to lose.  



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The New Beginning

    This Blog is about the daily struggles that we all go through to acquire good health.  The older I get the more I hear that the Golden years aren't always the best years of life and reasons they aren't so terrific are because of declining health conditions.  We work 25 to 40 years with the idea we will be comfortable in our retirement stage of our life and bam, we have a chronic health condition which prevents us from living our retirement years  to there fullest.  Getting old really scares me because who can afford to be sick and pay for Doctor visits on a regular basis or the medication that is prescribed to help you live a more comfortable life.  I don't know about you but I am not working my behind off just to retire and not be able to afford to do anything and not be in good health,  able to travel or complete the items on my Bucket list.  
    I want to announce now that I am 48 years old, have about 7 more years before I can retire from a State of Florida job in Law Enforcement.   The new year is 3 days away and I do not have a New Year's Resolution and will not.  I have made the decision to lose the extra weight I am carrying to help reduce anymore possible health issues that obesity contributes to.  I have lost 50 lbs since May, 2010 but have about 70 lbs more to lose.  If you are interested in riding this train with me, I would love to hear from you and and we can do it together.

     This blog will discuss ways to help eliminate or reduce health conditions through Home Remedies and all natural solutions.  I am not a Physician or a Nutritionist and don't make any claim  that I am.  I am just a person that has an interest in living a healthier live style on a frugal budget.   I will be sharing suggestions on vitamins that will help us stay healthy and assist in weight loss. I will also be sharing recipes that are healthy and tasty.
    This is the first time I have ever blogged and am always open to suggestions on what would improve this blog.  I also want you to understand I am not a journalist and my spelling is terrible.  I do try to use spell check but sometimes get lazy and forget to use it so bare with me.