Monday, January 24, 2011

Magnesium Battles Obesity

    Magnesium is a vital nutrient to assist in our quest to reach a healthy weight. If you have never heard of Megnesium that's ok, this blog hopefully will educate you and answer any questions you may have.
 The body requires magnesium to absorb and utilize nutrients.  Without it, the body cannot properly use the fats, proteins and carbohydrates we eat everyday.  When we don't get what we need from our diet, the body will crave more food in an effort to obtain those vital nutrients.  Magnesium helps you get the most from what you eat, so your body can be satisfied with the amount of food you need.  
     Also, I learned that magnesium is a vital nutrient for reducing stress.  It supports the health adrenal glands.  These are the glands that control the release of adrenaline and cortisol, two hormones related to stress response.  These  hormones are vital to living but to much of them can cause weight gain and other health problems.  Magnesium helps regulate these hormones so they aren't over produces.

Ways to increase your Magnesium:

Food -  Obtaining this essential nutrient most effectively is through food because your body most easily absorbs it.  Foods rich in Magnesium include almonds, brazil nuts, brewers yeast, buckwheat, kelp, peanuts, pumpkin seeds and whole grains.  We always hear refines sugars and processed foods are not health but the fact is they also drain the body of magnesium and therefore, should be avoided.

Supplements - I find it easier to take supplements for additional magnesium.  Magnesium Citrate is one of the most common forms used because it is widely available and easy to absorb magnesium. Powder form is best bu capsules are acceptable.

Dosages vary from 300 - 900 mg per day depending on your needs and lifestyles.  The more you excersize the higher dosage is recommended.  For the average person, it is best to start small and use divided doses such as 150 mg twice a day and increasing gradually as needed.  Loose stools may be a sign thqt you are using to much magnesuim or the dosage should be divided further.

Hopefully you have gained a clearer understanding of the benefits to adding Magnesium as a vital source to assist you in your weight loss goals.  Good Luck.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lemon Water Anyone?

     I always new lemon had a lot of health benefits but never realized it was important for weight loss.  After I researched this topic I headed over to the nearest grocery store and purchases a bag a lemons.
     Let's start by saying lemons contain vitamin C, B, riboflavin. calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, proteins and carbohydrates.  Also, it assists in wight loss.  Lemon contains vitamin C in abundance, the excessively deposited fats and carbohydrates in the body are flushed out by the vitamin C and therefore, not stored in the body.  It also influences the digestive system by increasing the metabolism rate.  The foods are digested quickly so the stored items are utilized,which results in loss of extra pounds you may have gained.
    Other then the vitamins in the lemon juice it is also a known diuretic.  Therefore, lemon water helps to flush undesirable bacteria and toxins out of the body while eliminating water weight.  in turn, it is helpful to drink lemon water throughout the day when beginning a diet because the body will always eliminate water before body fat.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011



     Cinnamon is not only good for sprinkling on cookies, cakes and coffee.  This spice also has medicinal value that are making people take notice.  This wonderful spice has a long time history that has been used to cure everything from athlete’s foot to indigestion.  It has been recognized for it’s ability to stop bacterial growth.
     Recent research indicated that cinnamon can have favorable effects on brain function.  Participants in a study chewed cinnamon gum or smelled the sweet spice.  Cognitive tests were conducted and revealed that subjects using cinnamon had better memory functions and could process information more quickly.
     Cinnamon is also being credited to have antiseptic power.  A Japanese study suggests it can not only soothe the stomach, it may even prevent ulcers.  German research indicated the spice “suppresses completely”  the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections and the fungus associated with yeast infections as well.
     Now the truly interesting research which is important to me because my husband has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes is that cinnamon has been discovered to lower blood glucose levels.  Recently  attention about cinnamon are the results of an accidental finding in Maryland USDA research center.  Scientists were testing the effects of various foods on blood sugar levels.  The effects of consuming good old apple pie, flavored with cinnamon was tested.  They expected the pie to have an adverse effect but instead found it actually helped lower blood glucose levels.  
     The researchers then tested it in a 60 patient study conducted in Pakistan.  All  the patients had been treated for type 2 Diabetes, adult onset diabetes for several years and taking anti-diabetic drugs to increase their insulin.  The subjects were given small doses of cinnamon ranging from as little as a quarter-teaspoon to less then 2 teaspoons a day for 40 days. 

THE RESULTS:  Not only did the cinnamon reduce their blood sugar levels and increase their natural production of insulin, it lowered their blood cholesterol as well.  Even 20 days after the cinnamon treatment  was completed, the patients continued to see beneficial effects in blood cholesterol levels were lowered in the range of 10 to 26 percent.  

     Now,  to discuss the correlation between cinnamon and weigh loss.  By addressing the elevated blood sugar levels  which cinnamon seams to help, and therefore, combating insulin resistance, this be a successful factor in helping you lose weight.  The fat cells in your abdominal area are particularly sensitive to high insulin levels, and are very effective in storing energy - far more so then fat cells you would find in other areas such as the lower body.  Because abdominal fat cells are so close to your digestive organs, and there is an extensive network of blood vessels circulating in the abdominal area, it s even easier for fat cells to store excess glucose there.
     All in all, I see there are numerous benefits from cinnamon.  I am now taking a cinnamon supplement everyday but do plan on adding the spice to more food items such as peanut butter and add it to my coffee for the extra boost.  I have always loved cinnamon but now understand how important it is to my everyday well being. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

50 LBS Thinner

    I have  recently  been asked by a few friends how I losted 50 lbs since  05/10.  Those 50 lbs weren't as difficult to lose as I thought they would be. I changed things in my life,  starting with working a part-time job that keeps me physically active.
      I work a full-time job from about 8AM to 5PM but it is mostly a a desk job and very little physical activity is required.  I now work about 15 additional hours at a large chain retail store in the misses clothing dept.  This area is a high traffic area with plenty t do.  I am usually exausted when I work an 8 hour day.  The job requires me to be on my feet the entire time and constant movement.  When I took this job, I decided I would not eat after my work shift if it was in the evening hours.So in a nut shell, keep your body moving and change your daily routine and don't eat late at night.
     I do have to admit, I am now having a difficult time losing anymore weight and it is probably because my body is used to the extra activities from my part-time job, so this means I need to change things up again.  I have now added more exercising when I have free time.  I thought about joining a gym but who has time or extra money and I know myself, I would be serious for a few months but then lose interest and find excuses not to go.  I have started doing a Dance program on the Wii system with a friend.  This has been working great because I have a work out buddy and we keep encouraging each other.
    What has been working for you?  I would love to hear from you?   

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Drink Plenty Of Water For Good Health And Weight Loss

    Well here we are, the first day of the New Year.  This is the year to focus on better health and therefore, I am going to get back to the basics.  Water is so important in all aspects of good health. When you are sick you are suppose to drink plenty of fluids.  I plan on drinking boat loads of water each day and one main reason  is because I know my body needs water to function properly.  Water helps to give you that feeling of being full and therefore, if you feel like you are getting hungry drink a glass of water.
     One of the important functions of water is the fact that it assists in helping the kidneys function property .  When the body breaks down body fat and body muscle during weighloss, waste must be eliminated through the kidneys.  Drinking lots of water helps the kidneys eliminate these wastes.
     Something interesting I learned when researching this topic was that studies showed that drinking water briefly increased metabolism.  Drinking about a pint of water increased the metabolism  for about half hour.  The theory is that most of the effect comes from warming the water in the stomach.
     How much water is recommended?
     I am sure everybody had heard one should drink 8 glasses of water per day.  I once had a Doctor tell me to drink 84 oz when you are dieting.  I have also been told to drink 1/2 your weight in oz.  An example: if you weigh 200 lbs. you should drink 100 oz of water a day.  I figured that would be way to much water for me.  I would not be able to walk more then 25 feet from a restroom if I drank that much water.  I figure I will be drinking between 8 to 10 glasses (about 4 or 5 20 oz water bottles).  How much water do you drink?